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New ep released “SYMPTOMS OF LETHARGY”!

// August 31st, 2014 // Comments Off // News

What would happen if Meshuggah sodomize Fear Factory???


After mora then 2 years of delay, finally here comes my new EP release with international artists like Fabrice Goddi (France) at drums, Jonatan Storm (Sweeden) & Julius Morse (Italy) both at vocals.

This ep have been mixed, mastered and produced by Achokarlos.

Now you can check it out and download it FOR FREE in my bandcamp!



// July 26th, 2014 // Comments Off // News

Finally we have a release date for the SYMPTOMS OF LETHARGY´s EP!

If you are a Fear Factory or Meshuggah fan, you can´t miss this!

This is a studio project and the ep will have 6 songs. Line up is Fabrice Goddi at drums, Jonatan Storm & Julius Morse at vocals and Achokarlos at guitars, bass and vocals.

The release date will be 31th Agoust 2014 but for now will relese a single song to show you what I´m talking about.

Produced by Achokarlos


Robot Porn – Dubstep/Metal

// July 3rd, 2014 // Comments Off // News

We introduce you ROBOT PORN!

A new project by Achokarlos (8 strings guitar) and Lorena Frantic (Dj) where we remix the best dubstep and DnB themes with tons of metal, electronic covers aswell just for live perfomance and party hard!

You cannot miss this show!

Here are the links:

Youtube: Robot Porn – Dubstep/Metal


Achokarlos Band joins BIN Producciones

// May 7th, 2014 // Comments Off // News

Achokarlos Band proudly joins BIN Producciones!

We hope to offer you a better and bigger show!

See you all soon!

Achokarlos Band new live dates!

// April 22nd, 2014 // Comments Off // News

New upcoming shows confirmed:

– May 24th Murcia @ Sala JO! With Vendetta Fucking Metal + Ashes of Oblivion!
– October 18th Madrid @ sala Shoko with Textures + Vortice + Distance!

Achokarlos – Cyborg Surgery

// March 15th, 2014 // Comments Off // News

Today new release of my song “Cyborg Surgery”!
Theme taken from my 4th solo album calledd “Kill the light”

Along with Mr Lizard and my german sepherd “Terabyte” in an epic fight! lol

I hope you like it!

JamUp Presentation (App demo)

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Bleeding Fingers Competition!

// February 13th, 2014 // Comments Off // News

Here you are the link for voting me at Bleeding Fingers Competition!! (Hans Zimmer Track)


Thank you so much for your support!

“Michael Jackson – Black or White” Cover

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