Session musician

Hi folks!

Do you need a session guitarrist for your project?

Need to record riffs or guitar solos and you can´t do it??

I could be your solution!!

I own a recording studio with HQ equipment, I have more than 5 years of recording experience and more than 10 years as musician…

I can record guitars according with your requirements whatever it be, whatever the tunning!

I have guitars from 6 strings to 8!

Can also record bass lines!



– Ibanez UV777P (7 Strings STEVE VAI signature)

– LTD SC-608B (8 Strings SEPHEN CARPENTER signature)

– Washburn DIME 2 ST (DIMEBAG DARRELL signature)

– B.C. Rich Warlock (NJ Series)


– Yamaha BB 415 (5 strings)


– Line 6 SPider Valve HD100

– Line 6 POD X3

Sample of my work:

If you are interested on me recording your stuff, email me here without any compromise.